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Preserving Pears Harvest In Winter And Even Beyond

From September, in October and sometimes even in November if the climate allows it, pears are harvested. Between those that fall to the grou...

From September, in October and sometimes even in November if the climate allows it, pears are harvested.

Between those that fall to the ground and are consumed quickly, those that show signs of disease, worms or fungus, a healthy part of the harvest can be kept throughout the winter.

Preserving Pears Harvest In Winter And Even Beyond

Under good conditions, pear storage can allow you to eat pears until the end of winter or even the beginning of spring.

From harvesting to storage, here are the rules to follow for optimal pear conservation.

Varieties of pears harvest that keep well

While all pears can be kept for several months in good conditions, there are varieties that can be stored more easily, some of which can be enjoyed until spring.

Here are some varieties of pears with a very good conservation thanks to their late character:

  • Beurre Bachelier
  • Pear Butter Diel
  • Butter of Anjou
  • Hardenpont Butter
  • Colmar Nelis
  • Butter of Nivelles
  • Dean of Comice
  • Winter Deanery
  • Duchess of Winter
  • Fig of Alençon
  • Big Sun
  • Jules d'Airoles
  • Léon Gregoire
  • Orphan of Enghien
  • Passe-Colmar
  • Winter Royal
  • Saint-Germain d'hiver
  • Saint-Mathieu
  • Tardive de Toulouse
  • Triumph of Jodoigne
  • Zéphirin Gregoire

There are still many others, so many varieties of pears harvest are available!

Pear harvest picking

This is an important step because it has a direct impact on the preservation of pears harvest .

There is no need to pick up pears that have fallen to the ground because they are very fragile and usually only last a few days. They must be eaten quickly or made into pear alcohol, Belle-Hélène pears harvest , yoghurt and pear cake, roasted pears with speculoos or pear compote.

You have to pick the pears from the tree but, be careful, you have to choose them well and do this operation in dry weather.

Choose pears harvest that are not too ripe or too green.

  • By lifting the pear slightly, make 1/4 turn of the tail.
  • If the pear comes off, it is good to pick.
  • It is delicately deposited in its basket not to damage it.

Pears harvest that will keep best

  • In order to ensure that each pear is free of disease or fungus, a first step will be taken to select the first choice pears.
  • Spread the pears harvest  without touching each other in order to avoid possible contamination.
  • Observe the pears harvest after a week.
  • Eliminate pears that show signs of weakness (blackening, staining, browning, spots, etc...)
  • Isolate the most beautiful pears, the ones that look the healthiest.
  • Storage and conservation of pears for the winter
  • Under good conditions, you can keep your pears harvest beyond Christmas, sometimes until spring.
  • Spread the pears harvest without touching each other on crates or shelves.
  • Make sure that air circulates properly around the pears harvest .
  • Store the crates away from light, humidity and ideally at a temperature around 10°.
  • Inspect your pears regularly to remove as quickly as possible what is damaged first.
  • With these tips you should be able to store your pears for many months and have fresh fruit in winter.

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