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Mandarin Diamond: Mandarin diamonds are not solitary

If you have a couple of mandarin diamonds at home, you surely noticed that you didn't have to wait long to see chicks being born. Indeed...

If you have a couple of mandarin diamonds at home, you surely noticed that you didn't have to wait long to see chicks being born. Indeed, the zebra finch is a bird that reproduces quite easily and quickly. You will have to think in due time if you have enough space and time to offer to all these little birds.

Mandarin Diamond: Mandarin diamonds are not solitary

Mandarin diamonds are not solitary

Mandarin diamonds are very sociable birds. In Australia, their region of origin, they live in groups, and it is only in good company that they are fully happy. Therefore, you should always adopt your mandarin diamond's in even numbers.

A comfortable home for Mandarin Diamond

The essential condition before the birth of small mandarin diamonds is that they are well installed in their aviary. In order for them to be perfectly at ease in their cosy nest, it is necessary to provide an aviary that allows the birds to fly enough and that this one is placed in a calm, luminous place, and especially that the equipment is adapted to their needs. If you don't want your mandarin birds to have young, you will have to replace their eggs with dummy eggs (ceramic or plastic).

Adopting mandarin birds

Before adopting mandarin diamonds, ask yourself if you will have enough time to devote to this species of bird. You will have to choose a suitable location for the aviary or cage of your mandarin birds. These birds need warmth and calm. Their cage should be large enough to accommodate their young and that they can fly without being hindered by the accessories present. For safety, it is advisable to equip yourself with a second cage, in case you notice conflicts between your diamond mandarin birds.

The reproduction of the species

In addition to the nest in which your birds sleep, it is important to have a brooding nest in their cage during the breeding period. Empty coconuts or natural nests are suitable as well as handmade nesting boxes.

Diamond mandarins are very good nest builders and have a highly developed natural instinct, which they must absolutely satisfy. Provide your small architects with enough material to build comfortable little nests. Birds can easily carry and handle coconut or sisal fibers. If your birds don't have enough material at their disposal, this will quickly become a problem. They may fall back on their plumage and tear off feathers to complete the nest construction. To avoid this situation, make sure you put a little more material than necessary in the cage so that they can build their ideal nest. Attempts to mate the mandarin diamonds may not be immediately effective. Here are some of the causes:

Are all the conditions for the birds' well-being respected? Is their home exposed to noise or constant agitation? Do your birds have enough material to build their nests?

Is your bird perhaps infertile?

The couple of diamond mandarin birds do not get along well. If this is the case, have them change partners.

Your zebra finches are too young and are not yet able to raise chicks. If this is the case, do not let the first two eggs hatch, and wait until the birds are more mature.

Mandarin Diamond Chicks

When the nest is ready, the female usually lays 4 to 6 eggs in the following days. Then begins the incubation phase, during which male and female take turns to keep the eggs warm.

After about two weeks, the eggs hatch. Within two days, all the young have hatched. This is when the most stressful period begins for the mandarin diamond parents, who now have several mouths to feed.  They feed their young with their beaks, so a balanced bird food is recommended. You can also offer food supplements to strengthen the defenses of your mandarins. From the 12th day, the feathers of the small diamond mandarins start to grow. After 17 days spent in the warmth of the nest, the mandarin diamond chicks finally leave it.

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