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Siamois: Diseases specific to Siamese people

Siamese Summary History and origin  Character of the Siamese Appearance of the Siamese Care and well-being  Diseases specific to Siamese peo...

Siamese Summary

  • History and origin 
  • Character of the Siamese
  • Appearance of the Siamese
  • Care and well-being 
  • Diseases specific to Siamese people

History and Origin Of Siamese 

Diseases specific to Siamese people

Along with the Persian, the Siamese is one of the oldest cat breeds. Siamese are cats originating from Southeast Asia, more precisely from Thailand. Different theories circulate about their origin. The breed could be descended from the sacred cats of the temples of Siam. The latter enjoyed special attention within the palace and were exclusively reserved for members of the royal family.

It is at the end of the 19th century that the breed was observed for the first time outside the Asian continent thanks to the consul general of Bangkok, Edward Blencowe Gould, who brought back from his travels a couple of Siamese cats.

A few years later, this cat was exported to other European countries as well as to the United States. It is in the 1950's that the breed acquired a real popularity. Since then, the physique of the Siamese has changed a lot. Nowadays, we find "modern" Siamese and other cats of the same breed, closer to the traditional physical characteristics.

Character of the Siamese

Character of the Siamese

The Siamese cat likes comfort and security. It is a very affectionate cat with a strong temperament and is very attached to its family and its owner. However, it is distrustful and sometimes even jealous of strangers.

It does not tolerate loneliness and can easily be taken everywhere. Indeed, he will prefer to leave the family home rather than stay alone without his master. It is therefore a favorite to have another cat companion with whom your Siamese can have fun! It is also possible to walk him on a leash if he has already been used to it as a small cat.

Anyone who tries to teach his Siamese companion something is not safe from scratches! He is very intelligent, talkative and above all, communicative! The intelligence of this cat and his so good character make him a perfect pet cat.

Why not make your cat test intelligence games?

Appearance of the Siamese

Tastes and colors are not debatable! It is the same with the Siamese. Some people appreciate its appearance, others less. It is necessary to know that the cats of the breed have an albino gene. Their classic color, or at least, the most common color encountered is the seal-point. This type of coat is characterized by a darker coat at the extremities of its body. There are also other coats such as classic chocolate, blue, lilac, tabby, cream or torte. Its hairs are rather short and its coat is fine, silky and glossy.

The Siamese is a medium sized cat. Its body is thin and slender. Its head is fine but proportional to its body, its head carriage is elegant. Finally, he has beautiful blue eyes.

Siamese Care and Wellness

Siamese Care and Wellness

The Siamese is a short-haired cat, its coat needs almost no maintenance. It is however recommended to brush it from time to time. If you have two Siamese, then it is even less necessary to spend time with your four-legged friends. Indeed, they take care of each other's coat.

These cats love the warmth and are always looking for a little resting place near the radiator or in the warmest places in the house. A heating pad will undoubtedly be a big hit with your cat! In any case, do not leave your companion exposed to drafts.

Diseases specific to Siamese people

Many cats of the breed are born with genetic disorders, including pronounced strabismus. The breed is also prone to gastrointestinal problems, anemia, metabolic disorders and cardiac fragility. To meet the nutritional needs of cats of this breed in the best possible way, discover special breed kibble ranges: food specially adapted to Siamese cats!

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